Leading Chromatography Frontend Automation

  • CTC Analytics, a privately owned Swiss company, is leading in front-end automation for gas and liquid chromatography. Over the last 30 years investments in the continuous development of a flexible, highly reliable, advanced laboratory sample handling platform have been made, primarily designed for use in the pharmaceutical, life science, chemical, environmental and food & flavor industries.
  • Our products are innovative, user friendly and extremely robust. A close network of highly trained efficient and reliable suppliers allows guaranteed delivery with the commitment to highest standards and quality.
  • Our robotic autosampler systems have a flexible modular design, allowing our worldwide customer base to create their own customized solution to respond to their individual needs. All products are distributed through OEM channels and a selected network of independent CTC distributors around the world.
  • We offer strong support and training to our customers with a focus on knowledge and hands-on experience by local training opportunities and talented support specialists.  As a leader with a long-term vision we are committed to creating the greatest value with our products and dedicated to providing excellent support.

Commitment to Quality

  • We are highly committed to a long-lasting customer satisfaction based on a leading product quality, a high supply safety and a responsive customer support
  • Our development and manufacturing embraces quality control programs (see certificates).
  • All our products comply to international standards such as CE, UL and RoHS.
  • Our organization is continuously learning with the permanent aim to increase quality and efficiency.

Inspiring Work Atmosphere

  • CTC Analytics is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a safe workplace and an inspiriting work atmosphere.
  • We offer many exciting opportunities, providing collaboration with technology partners, major suppliers, thought leaders and higher educational institutions.
  • As we continue to make advances in technologies, we rely on structured business processes, open communication and teamwork across the organization. This allows our employees to work with a clear understanding of the complete picture.


CTC Analytics AG
Industriestrasse 20
CH-4222 Zwingen

T +41 61 765 81 00


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