1985Startup in Zwingen by Hansjörg Cueni and Heiner Scherrer
1986First GC liquid  auto sampler A200S
1989First headspace auto sampler HS500
1994Move into new Factory Building in Zwingen (BL)
1998Launch of PAL System Autosampler Platform for Gas and Liquid Chromatography
1999Stack Cooler introduced (6 and 12 microwell plate cooled storage)
2000HTC PAL for space-constrained labs
2001Multi-position Valve Drive
2002Dual Head PAL System
2003HTX PAL with extended x-range
2005MALDI Spotting and Microfraction Collection option launched
2007Beat Lüthi joins the company as Managing Director
2008Staff expansion by 20 new employees

Factory Expansion Building in Zwingen

Opening of regional support office in the US 

Opening of R&D and Marketing office in Zurich

Global launch of PAL-xt Autosampler generation

Global launch of Dynamic Load & Wash Option (DLW) for HPLC and  UPLC application for low carryover requirements

Staff expansion by 11 new employees


Celebration of 25th company anniversary

Opening of regional office for Asia in Shanghai

Staff expansion by 8 new employees

2011Staff expansion by 7 new employees

Global launch of PAL RTC Fully Automated Sample Handling System and PAL Sample Control Software

Staff expansion by 5 new employees and first apprentice

2013Staff expansion by 4 new employees and 1 apprentice
2014Global launch of PAL RSI and PAL LSI Systems
2015Celebration of 30th company anniversary
201673 employees
201890 employees
2018Opening of regional Office in Singapore
2019Global launch of PAL3 Series II with Smart Consumables




CTC Analytics AG
Industriestrasse 20
CH-4222 Zwingen

T +41 61 765 81 00


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