Where we come from
Where we come from

Silicon Valley? No - Laufental, Baselland, Switzerland!

We come from the garage: started in 1985 with a lot of pioneering spirit, we have been developing, testing and distributing robots for worldwide laboratory automation at our Zwingen site since 1994. More and more employees are passionately contributing to continuous innovation in a family environment.

Impressions from the past and our milestones

Our Company Building

1993 - Construction of our company building in Zwingen Baselland

In 1994 we moved in. Here you see our founder Heiner Scherrer checking if the concrete is already dry - proud and excited to soon move into the first company building - finally more space.

Sale of the first Devices

The first units are assembled in the garage and shipped.

The space was tight and equipment and parts were everywhere. Children were also jumping around in it, because the garage was actually in the home of our founder Heiner Scherrer. It was clear that another solution had to be found soon - a company building of our own. This was realized in 1994.

First CTC Office

This is what the modern infrastructure looks like in 1992.

The office was initially located right next to the garage where the equipment was assembled. This was in the basement of the residential building of our founder Heiner Scherrer. It quickly burst at the seams. But high value was placed on the most modern technology - this still holds true today - it just looks a little different.

Here you can find out more about our present

Be part of our future!

Do you want to make a difference and help shape our future? Would you like to contribute to the innovation of our products? Do you like working in a familiar, uncomplicated environment with short decision-making paths? 

We offer a variety of challenging work opportunities and interesting development possibilities in areas such as technology, marketing, sales and administration. 

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