How we work
How we work

How do we work?

 Our corporate culture and values give an insight into our way of working - it is familiar, open and innovative. An understanding of cooperation based on partnership and agility is just as much a part of our values as empathy, reliability, respect, trust, appreciation and a positive culture of error.

We work agile - what this means for us

By agile collaboration, we mean a high degree of autonomy of the teams, which align their activities with the company strategy. Within the framework of the strategy, the teams set their own tertial goals (objectives) and results (key results) to a large extent. Team members are actively involved in the work processes and are given the confidence to carry out their responsibilities. The OKR culture at CTC Analytics includes openness and transparency, empathy and commitment.

We work with OKR

The OKR model (Management by Objectives and Key Results) forms our management system or our method of how we collaborate, define and achieve goals, and implement our understanding of agile collaboration. It includes a transparent alignment of team activities with the company strategy and the targeted company goals.

Our 4 Guiding Principles

Alignment and autonomy

We are motivated and competent. Together we develop good solutions. We develop the strategy, the goals and the approaches together. Our diversity promotes the consideration of different points of view and helps to understand the big picture. We are constantly developing our knowledge. Education and further education is supported by the company and employees are encouraged.

Trust and responsibility

We cultivate a culture of trust. Everyone thinks along with us and takes responsibility. Results are regularly assessed together and decisions are made on how to proceed. Reliability is a condition for successful cooperation. We act in a quality-conscious manner. We cultivate a positive error culture. Mistakes are possible and are considered a valuable learning experience.

Openness and transparency

We promote an open and trustful working atmosphere. Good mutual listening and regular exchange contribute to this. Decisions should be comprehensible to all, and we rely on recipient-oriented communication. We foster an active feedback culture and see it as an opportunity.

Empathy and engagement

Managers maintain an overall view and bring up the need for action for discussion. Supervisors play the role of sparring partners and coaches. Employees and supervisors engage in regular dialog. Both successes and difficulties are discussed. Conflicts are addressed appropriately and resolved with decency and respect.

Would you like to work like this and be part of our team?

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